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Submit Music

SCM Radio, a subsidiary of The Southern Coalition Movement, is a professional royalty paying radio station and is a legally licensed ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and Sound Exchange 24/7 Rap and Hip-Hop Internet Radio Station.

To submit music to this station, fill out the form entirely. You must submit your song in the format of artistname_tracktitle.mp3. If  you send a song as Track_01.mp3, it will be immediately rejected. Upload the artwork as artistname_trackname.jpg or .png.

If any information on this form is false, your submission will be rejected.

If your song is reviewed and accepted, you will receive a phone call.

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Song Details

If various artists, put "Various Artists"
Full name of mixtape

Song Files

Upload the song artwork in .jpg or .png format and the song in MP3 format or a compressed zip/rar file (songs must be MP3). All uploaded files must be less than 25MB.

Must be jpg, jpeg, png, gif
Make sure the song is named as "artistname_songname.mp3"
To use reCAPTCHA you must enter the API keys on the Quform settings page.

This helps us prevent spam, thank you.

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